Saturday, November 15, 2008

Google Earth: 'Pangpang' System of Lower Pampanga

Google Maps has expanded its satellite photo coverage of the Lower Pampanga region making it easier to see the extent of the system of rivers, canals, flooded rice fields and fish-ponds. It is this system of transplanting agriculture that gives the province its name from the Kapampangan pangpang "canal, dike."

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The Lower Pampanga drainage and irrigation system is delineated by the dark green area from Minalin and Lubao to the north, to just south of Orion on the Bataan peninsula to the southwest, and to the outskirts of Manila on the southeast. Formerly this system extended to Tondo, which is now a part of Metro Manila.

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A closer view showing the rivers and canals. You can use the arrows to pan about, and zoom in/out with the plus/minus buttons; or move the map by 'grabbing' it with your mouse.