Friday, August 26, 2005

The Living House

The Living House

An interesting snippet:

"Just one piece of evidence for this conclusion is provided by the artefacts of the Austronesian peoples who spread into Southern Japan from either Korea or Taiwan (the Yayoi) who left many fired clay objects. Many model houses have been recovered whose saddle-backed roofs appear to be very similar to those portrayed on the Dong Son bronze drums. The Shinto temple complex at Ise, near Nagoya in southern Japan has been identically rebuilt every twenty years for at least 1200 years and to judge from the similarities to the haniwa that have been discovered the building types represented at Ise are considerably older even that this. The pile construction, the raised floors and the characteristic roofs clearly show the relationship of these buildings to traditional buildings found throughout South East Asia and the Pacific."

Paul Kekai Manansala