Tuesday, June 14, 2005

News: Andaman, Nicobar islanders say Earth brought from Sirius

Something very interesting happened after the Tsunami in December 2004. Some of the remote tribes of Andaman and Nicobar islands of India came in touch with civilization for the first time in need of food, water and shelter. They still repel modern human civilization.

The relief efforts workers learnt something interesting that can be astounding. Their ancient legend talks about earth belonging to a different solar system than today. Shockingly their knowledge matches with an African remote tribe called the Dogon.

According to them, the earth was brought to the current solar system from Sirius solar system, which consisted of three stars or suns. Millions of years back the Sirius star system experienced very violent supernovae, which created a very heavy white dwarf and all possibilities of life ended at that time. Now we find that Egyptians also knew about Sirius. Researchers now believe that earth was brought from Sirius system and is protected and visited by these aliens for innumerable years.

The Sirius as known to astronomers today consists of two stars Sirius A and Sirius B, though ancient tribes describe three stars. Sirius B is a white dwarf. A star with twice the sun's mass, as Sirius B probably had, can live for no more than about 1,000 million years before swelling up into a red giant; this does not seem long enough for advanced life to develop.

But had life evolved, it would have disappeared during the red giant stage of Sirius B, when any nearby planet would have been roasted by the star's increased energy output, followed by a stellar gale for at least 100,000 years as hot gas streamed from Sirius B to Sirius A.

During this mass transfer the two stars would have moved apart, thereby destabilizing the orbits of any planets in the system. According to observations of Sirius B as analyzed by H. L. Shipman of the University of Delaware, Sirius B has been a cooling-down white dwarf for at least 30 million years. Sirius B is now emitting soft x-rays, so that life in the region of Sirius would not be very pleasant today.

Many ancient remote tribes know about the Sirius and it is part of their religion and culture. Ancient Egyptians, in particular, were also preoccupied with Sirius, basing their calendar on its yearly motion. And now we are learning that the Andaman Nicobar tribes who are seldom in touch with modern civilization also know about this.

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Paul Kekai Manansala



A_N_Nanda said...

Running into a storehouse of astronomical knowledgebase from the ancient tribes? It's interesting. Anthropologists should be on their overtime now.

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