Sunday, April 03, 2005


In the tales of the battles between the Devas and Asuras, the two dual forces fight over possession of the elixir of immortality. My thesis has been that the quest for eternal life is intimately linked with the portal of the three worlds -- the cosmic mountain.

History has shown us that grand conflicts can occur for reasons that seem strange to the modern mind. Even to this day, the world's stability is compromised by the seemingly insoluble struggle for rights over the Temple Mount, Zion and Jerusalem.

Not long ago, Arab and Turk fought for mastery over the holy mosques of Mecca and Medina even though they shared the same faith.

When the Fallen Angels were expelled from Eden, from the holy mount, that became their main goal. The Old Testament states that the mastery and riches of the world would not suffice those expelled. They had to rule "Heaven."

For even they could see the transient nature of the wealth of the Earth. Without life, material possessions have no meaning. So the desire within them, the longing for immortality also compelled them to undertake the quest.

The mouth of the Earth, like that of a fiery she-dragon, was fearful, but the fires within transform the body from perishable to immortal. Only through this entrance, however forboding, can one enter the next realm. The parting of the river, the crossing of the lake, the mouth of the Krater all are symbols of the great last journey.

The possession of this great holy mount then provides the underlying basis for the great dualistic conflict preserved in so many literary traditions. At times it has been converted or localized, but the memory of the real location of those hoary events has never truly faded.

Today and for the forseeable future this memory will continue to influence events even if in a very submerged way. The course of history will continue to swirl around the Nusantao axis mundi.

So, hail to thee great mountain of Heaven, turner of the Wheel of Time!

Paul Kekai Manansala

Note: I will now use this blog to publish a glossary and news articles related to and supporting the thesis of "Quests of the Dragon and Bird Clan." I will also edit and embellish some of the older postings. Please contact me if you have any suggestions. When I have the time I will try to compile all the postings into an easy-to-read and downloadable pdf file.