Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Dog Lineage

The union of the dragon/serpent and bird clans appears to have been sealed by an actual marriage between two leading families in these clans. The event is symbolized in the partnership of Manalastas and Munag Sumalâ, and that of Fu Hsi and Nu Gua.

The new lineage formed by this marriage is represented by Tala, the planet Venus, the Morning Star. Tala marries the mountain maid Mingan and their progeny hold sway in the council of the traditional confederacy of clans.

The emblem of the new lineage is either a hybrid of dragon/serpent and bird, or a dog.

The marriage of Tala and Mingan is found in the form of the widespread regional myth of the marriage of a dog with an ancestral goddess. The myth was propagated in various cultures probably representing the union of those cultures with this clan confederacy. Researchers Chungshee Hsien Liu and Alexy Okladnikov believe these dog-goddess marriage myths are of Austronesian or of insular Southeast Asian origin.

These myths may also relate to the widespread association of the planet Venus, or the deity representing that planet with dogs and/or wolves. The Sumerian goddess Innana (Babylonian Ishtar) was associated with Venus and dogs. She was also linked with Sirius, a star associated in many cultures with dogs or wolves. In China, Sirius is known as Lang Hsing "the Wolf Star."

The two volcanoes of the legend become sacred to the traditional clan confederacy. Even the soil, or rather the rich mixed volcanic clay, is thought of as possessing special magical qualities. The mixture of the complimentary deposits from the Yin mountain and the Yang mountain contain the spark that prolongs life or even grants immortality in legend.

From this volcanic clay are formed pots to hold water, wine and other beverages which when properly aged become nothing less than an elixir of life. These jars eventually become a highly valued item of trade.

We will see how the dog lineage extends its range far and wide in the establishment of the traditional confederacy of clans. However, the materialist camp sees the challenge of the new leadership and reacts promptly. This grouping of clans consists of many of the same totems as the traditionalists. In fact, the leading groups from both clans come from the same location -- the land of the dueling volcanoes.

The materalists though are expelled. They are the fallen angels.

Paul Kekai Manansala