Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Chosen Land

People choose sacred sites for different reasons. Among some of the reasons are special events that occur at those sites, or geographical features like the elevation of mountains for example.

Both of these factors were likely important factors for the Nusantao. As observers of nature, phenomenon of heaven and earth were indicators of the will of the dual forces and the workings of the spirit world. The growing clan divergence in the Nusantao trade network was certainly something that had its mirror in nature.

The Nusantao shamans observed signs and timing of events. The eruption of two volcanoes in conjuction with certain celestial phenomenon would have been an unmistakable sign. The war had broken out. The Sun and Moon had chosen their locations for combat.

Naturally each camp had selected a site that suited its own nature. Thus, the mountain of the Moon had ideal Yin characteristics while the mountain of the Sun had ideal Yang energy. The incinerated ejecta or bhasma from these volcanoes mixing together created a mingling of the two polarities -- the elixir of life.

Thus, the entire chosen land is coated with the new alchemical product and becomes necessarily associated with immortality. The fruits, water and even the soil and clay possess the balanced properties of Sun and Moon.

Although the Nusantao trade developed into one involving mostly spices, precious metals and timber, the most valuable items were those from the sacred mountains. These were very difficult to obtain, but the Nusantao were originally not willing to reliquish them to others. However, people of great means, sages and rulers from abroad, sought them.

Eventually, as the thalassocracy (sea empire) of the dragon and bird clan went into decline and decay, the masses forgot the value of the sacred mountains. At this time, these items became much more available.

The legendary region was thought of as tripartite in geography as evidenced in the names Sanfotsi and Mishima, and also in the Chinese legend of the three Islands of the Blessed. Even Atlantis of Greek legend was described as consisting of three concentric islands surrounded by concentric rings of water.

While the Greeks thought of Atlantis as located in the West, we have to remember that the Atlantic Ocean to them was the World Ocean that stretched across the globe. The three isles of the blessed ruled by Cronus are yet another example.

We shall examine later how the Nusantao actually came to the region of Europe partly from the direction of the West.

Reconstructed Greek Maps (notice position of Oceanus and the Atlantic)
Hecataeus, 6th cent. BC
Eratosthenes, 195 BC
Strabo, 18 AD

Paul Kekai Manansala